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Meet the Owners

We thought it would be nice if you got to know our family a bit more before the fall sales. Many of you know me. I’ve been an owner of Divine Consign since we began in 2001. I can’t believe it’s been 16 years! I had no idea what I was getting into but I’m…

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Selling a car seat

Car seats have always been a sought after commodity at Divine Consign.  Everyone needs one. You aren’t going to get your baby home from the hospital without it.  And, buying multiple seats for the multiple cars that carry your kids on a regular basis is a lifesaver.  So, finding a good seat, at a great…

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Consigning 101

Consignor registration is open so it’s time to sign up and get started.  We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you get registered and start entering your items. Go to our website, Click on the Register/Login link on the upper left of the page. Since you’ve never consigned, go to the Never Sold With…

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Selling a Crib

Here are the requirements your crib needs to meet for you to be able to sell it at Divine Consign. Find the manufacturer’s date – It’s on a sticker somewhere (usually on the bottom) of the crib. Before July 23, 2010 -Illegal to sell July 23, 2010-June 28, 2011 –  Must have certificate of compliance from the…

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Q&A: How do I get that “wrinkle free” look?

I wish that I had a better answer for this blog, but if you want “wrinkle free” (and you do) then you need to heat up that iron.  Yes, you can do a google search for ironing substitutes.  You can buy wrinkle free sprays on the laundry aisle at Walmart.  But there really isn’t a…

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Safety pins

Q&A: What’s the best way to pin pants on the hanger?

In another recent post, we addressed whether or not consigning is worth your time…of course it is! But the time you put into it makes a big difference in what you get out of it. Washing, buttoning, zippering, ironing, hanging…all the “ings”. One of the things we see the most often is pants that look…

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time is money

Q&A: Is consigning worth my time?

I don’t know about your kids but mine go through clothes faster than Kleenex!  We outgrow them long before we could ever wear them out.  So at the end of each season we deal with a decision – what to do with all this stuff we no longer need?  To say I’m sentimental is an…

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Q&A: Where do I get hangers?

Clothing is very important to the consigning business.  Over 65% of everything dropped off is clothing.    And all clothing has to be hung.  So a popular question is “Where Do I Get Hangers?” Although we allow you to use any hanger, there are some reasons why we prefer child-sized wire hangers: They’re the right size for…

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Girls whispering

Q&A: Secrets of Successful Consignors

You’re all too young to remember but when I was a kid there was a game show called I’ve Got a Secret…it was in black and white, on channel 3, one of our FOUR channels. Just include that concept in the ones my kids will never be able to comprehend. On the show, the “panel”,…

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baby goods hanging on the clothesline

Q&A: How do I know which items go under what categories?

I’m a rule follower, probably to an extreme. Anyone who knows me can testify that I like to color inside the lines…I don’t do well without specific parameters in which to operate. Apparently many of our consignors are that way to. When we streamlined our categories last season to make item entering easier, it stressed…

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