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Q&A: How do I know which items go under what categories?

I’m a rule follower, probably to an extreme. Anyone who knows me can testify that I like to color inside the lines…I don’t do well without specific parameters in which to operate. Apparently many of our consignors are that way to. When we streamlined our categories last season to make item entering easier, it stressed…

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Why Divine Consign over other options?

Today, we have many ways to recycle our kids used things.  Divine Consign, other similar sales and consignment stores, Facebook, Craigslist, Ebay, garage sales…endless possibilities.  But which is best?  Here’s some food for thought… Time:  Precious.  Flying.  Never enough. Divine Consign – Most of your time will be spent prepping, entering, and tagging the items…

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Hauling my haul

Haul is a weird word.  It can be used as a noun or verb and the more you say it, the more you think you made it up.  If you’ve ever shopped Divine Consign, then you’ve walked out with a “haul”.  And you have probably wondered if there is a best way to “haul” your…

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Q&A: DC Stain Removal Guide

The most frequent reason clothing items are pulled during inspection at the sales is because they have stains. We are SUPER picky, so even the smallest mark can get an item rejected. Here are a few tips and product suggestions from our stain guru, Leah to help you bring your best to Divine Consign. Stains…

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Q&A: Who are those awesome people in pink?

If you’ve attended a Divine Consign Presale, then you’ve come face to face with a Pink Lady.  We couldn’t run a Presale without these girls (and guys) and we wouldn’t want to.  We call them our STAFF.  They are some of the sweetest and hardest working women and men we know.  Here’s what being on…

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Q&A: What happens when I can’t drop-off at the sale I usually do?

Every season this is a problem for a handful of our consignors…the dates for the location they normally do just don’t work out for them. Here are a few suggestions on how to either avoid the issue or handle it in the best way possible. Get the dates on your calendar right when they’re announced….

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