When the Player outgrows the Play Room

When we moved into our house , our daughter was in kindergarten.  One of the key selling features, besides three HUGE, beautiful trees in the front yard, was that there was space on one end of the house that we could make into a playroom; space for the dollhouses, Barbies, Polly Pockets, Star Wars figures,…

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Consigning 101

If it were possible to have negative artistic ability, that’s how you would have to describe me. My stick figures don’t look like people. Seriously. So when I was a kid my only “artistic” ability occurred when I did a Paint By Numbers project. Is that even a thing anymore? The directions were very clear…color…

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Happy baby

Where Have All of the Cribs Gone?

Have you ever noticed how the rules for things babies use change all of the time? No? Then have another baby! In the 22 months between my first and second baby, the recommendation changed from letting babies sleep on their tummies to sleeping on their backs. Since then many other changes have been implemented: Which…

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Safety pins

Q&A: What’s the best way to pin pants on the hanger?

In another recent post, we addressed whether or not consigning is worth your time…of course it is! But the time you put into it makes a big difference in what you get out of it. Washing, buttoning, zippering, ironing, hanging…all the “ings”. One of the things we see the most often is pants that look…

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time is money

Q&A: Is consigning worth my time?

I don’t know about your kids but mine go through clothes faster than Kleenex!  We outgrow them long before we could ever wear them out.  So at the end of each season we deal with a decision – what to do with all this stuff we no longer need?  To say I’m sentimental is an…

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Girls whispering

Q&A: Secrets of Successful Consignors

You’re all too young to remember but when I was a kid there was a game show called I’ve Got a Secret…it was in black and white, on channel 3, one of our FOUR channels. Just include that concept in the ones my kids will never be able to comprehend. On the show, the “panel”,…

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DC Plano Sub Page Banner Blend (2)

Q&A: Why only Plano and Grapevine?

We get asked this all the time.  Why don’t you open more locations than just Plano and Grapevine.  Please open a sale here.  We really need a Divine Consign there.  Those words are great encouragements to us, that you like what we offer that much!  This fall we’ll celebrate our 15th year and we’ve learned…

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Why Divine Consign over other options?

Isn’t it mind boggling how many choices for EVERYTHING there is today? As I began writing this, I was thinking about the kind of options I had as a mom with a 1 year old, I didn’t know about consigning.  I certainly didn’t have Facebook friends to “share” their favorite sales with me or  which…

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Q&A: Tips for Taking Consigning to the Next Level

Consigning is like anything else in life.  You get out of it what you put into it.  I really like this quote by Garth Henrichs, “The person who is waiting for something to turn up might start with their shirt sleeves.”  There are times when we know we’ve just got to get in there and…

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Q&A: DC Stain Removal Guide

The most frequent reason clothing items are pulled during inspection at the sales is because they have stains. We are SUPER picky, so even the smallest mark can get an item rejected. Here are a few tips and product suggestions from our stain guru, Leah to help you bring your best to Divine Consign. Stains…

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