Entering Items Series – Tips

For our last post in this series we’ll give you some great tips so you can enter your items as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sort items by gender, then size, then brand, before entering. All of the fields, except price, will remember the last entry, making it easier to enter all one gender, one…

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description on tag

Entering Items Series – Description

In this post we’ll address those two long, blank lines in the system where you’re supposed to put a description of your item. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to include and what to leave out but here are a few things to keep in mind when entering your items: Be as specific as possible…

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Close up of price for blog

Entering Items Series – Pricing

Pricing is considered one of the trickiest parts of consigning. You want that price point in between “on sale” and “garage sale”. As a general rule, we recommend 75% OFF the original price. So for a $40 outfit, you might price it at $10. You can add a dollar or so for a boutique brand…

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Size pic close up

Entering Items Series – Size

One of the choices you’ll have to make when entering your items is selecting which size to put them in. This can be really straight forward…if it’s an 8, choose ‘8’. We only accept clothing items with the original manufacturer’s size tag so that the shopper will know what they’re getting but sometimes selecting a…

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Category pic final

Entering Your Items Series – Categories

When entering your items for the sale, there are 4 “fields” you have to fill in: price, size, description and category. We’ve recently streamlined our category list to make entering items even faster so here’s a quick tutorial on choosing the right category for each item. Clothing: The Clothing category is the most important one to…

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The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

What does every mom, dad and grandparent need this year? A Divine Consign gift card! Divine Consign has everything you need from clothes and toys to strollers and books and so much more at 75-90% OFF retail prices. Our consignment sales happen twice a year in both Plano and Grapevine. Gift cards come in $10 and…

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Discount donate image

How to put an extra $90 in your pocket!

Discount and Donate – These are terms you might hear us mention quite a bit but you might wonder, what do they mean and why do they want me to do it? Here are a couple of explanations for you and some reasons why we think it’s so important. Discounting – If you check the…

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Woman with toys and pink bucket

A New Way to Declutter

True confession time. Our family has the hoarding gene. We fight it constantly but the urge to keep stuff way past its usefulness is always knocking on the door.  Because it’s a battle, I’m always looking for a new idea…a new “something” to help me be better at simplifying our home. Recently, I read a…

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Supply pic

I’ve Entered My Items…Now What?

Way to go! You got everything entered so you’re ready to tag and get your items ready for drop-off. Here are some of the supplies you’ll need to get your items ready to consign: Cardstock – You can print your tags on any printer except a home laser printer. The ink chips off of the…

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Tagged shirt on hanger

How to get YOUR Clothing Noticed

At our Plano Divine Consign sale, we’ll likely have about 60,000 clothing items. With that much competition, how do you get YOUR items to stand out? It’s all in the presentation. Make sure your hanger is turned the right way, like a question mark. Make sure your tag is safety pinned to the upper right…

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