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Do You Take…?

One of the most common questions we’re asked starts with “Do you take…”. Chances are the answer is “yes”. We sell most everything related to kids and maternity. Clothing, toys, baby equipment, books, feeding and diapering items, etc. Here are the 5 things we get asked about most that we say “no” to: Stuffed animals…

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How Do I Shop First?

Did you come to the sale last season and saw people leaving with things you wanted? How did they get in earlier than you? They VOLUNTEERED! By working just 4 or 5 hours during the sale, volunteers get to shop our Presale, the day BEFORE we open to the public. They shop first…before the first…

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hearty breakfast

The Breakfast and Shopping Experience

Everyone LOVES breakfast!  Combine breakfast with bargain shopping and you’ve got the beginnings of a perfect day.  We began Breakfast and Shopping as a way to spread out the hundreds of shoppers who were all coming at once for our first day to open to the public.  It was an immediate hit and NINE seasons…

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Puzzles & Games

If you take the time to prepare them and package them well, children’s games and puzzles are great sellers at Divine Consign. Here are some tips to consigning them so the buyer goes home happy: Puzzles Count the pieces to make sure they’re all there…yes, ALL of them. It’s time consuming but everything you consign…

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Go Big with Baby Equipment

When you’re ready to dive into consigning, a great place to start is with the baby equipment you no longer use. You know…that double stroller that is taking up all of the space in your garage, the high chair in the attic, the exersaucer you keep tripping over in the study. Selling these items is…

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Consigning – How to Get Started

Is this your first time to consign? Welcome! It can seem overwhelming but it’s pretty easy if you start with these tips. Start SMALL – The first time around, don’t feel like you have to sell everything at once. You only need 20 items or $50 worth to be eligible to sell with us. Start…

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