Q&A: Anyone have an extra Presale wristband?

A very wise woman at our church was once asked what her secret to parenting was.  “Say yes as often as you can.”  We’ve all been there.  Feeling like you say no a thousand times a day.  It feels good to say yes and be the hero for a change.  Writing this blog post feels a little like that.  We get to say yes and do it in a pretty cute way, if I say so myself.

PROBLEM #1:  I’m not going to be able to use my Presale wristbands.  Can I leave them for someone?  (For anyone new to DC, you won’t get into a DC presale without a wristband.)

We REALLY don’t want to be in the matchmaker business at Drop-Off or on Presale day, so we have had a standard response.  “No.”  Too many other things to do besides babysit unused wristbands.  But we really want as many people as possible to shop Presale.

PROBLEM #2:  Does anyone have an extra wristband?  I have another friend wanting to shop.

See what is happening here?  The perfect love match for problem #1 but again, we just don’t have the manpower to be the middle man.  Until now….

SOLUTION:  The cutest little pink container you ever did see.  We’ll call this the DC Matchmaker.  We’ll set it out during Drop-Off and Presale hours.  Any consignor that hasn’t found a friend begging for her extra wristband can just drop the wristband in the container on her way out.  And anyone needing one more wristand to get into Presale can check the DC Matchmaker and take an extra wristband with her.  Easy Peasy!

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divineconsign • May 16, 2016

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