Avoiding Consigning Pitfalls

Sometimes you have to look at the end to find out what the beginning should be. “Breakdown” occurs on the last day of the sale…it’s when we have a team of volunteers that come in, take everything that is left and sort it all back out by consignor number. It’s our hardest shift, which is why they get to shop so early!

Because they handle every unsold item, we asked them to share with us what they noticed about the “leftovers” so that we could help you see what you should be doing now to keep from having anything in that pile.

Overwhelmingly, their #1 observation was that items were overpriced.

“I am always surprised to see some things priced so high and always just assume they are still emotionally attached to it and weren’t really ready to let it go.” –Jennifer S.

Remember our suggestion is pricing items at 75% OFF what you paid for them. Our shoppers are very savvy and they know how much things were on clearance. They have too many things to choose from to bother with overpriced items. If you are emotionally attached to something, then just hang onto it and put it back for your grandkids. 🙂

The next most frequent response were items that were not marked to be discounted.

“I’m always surprised at the number of items that don’t have Discount Yes.  I know I would rather sell an item for half price than have to take it back home at the end of the sale.  It’s amazing how many items are sold at the 1/2 price and 75% off sales.  Consignors should definitely take advantage of that.” – Jessica M.

Our data shows items are 20% more likely to sell if they’re marked to be discounted. HUNDREDS of shoppers return on our ½ price and 75% off days and if your item says “Discount:NO” it’s going to be passed right by.

Another popular observation was that there were many items that should never have been brought in the first place. Stained, worn, pilled and outdated clothing were all named.

“I noticed so many items in bad shape (dirty/stained/holes – gross) and OLD items – out of style – no one wants the dress your kiddo wore in 1993.” –Stephanie T.

Our amazing volunteers pull most of this during drop-off but it’s such a waste of the consignor’s time and money to hang, tag and drop it off. Everyone is better off if those items are left at home.

One last thing that makes an obvious difference is the presentation of items.

“The way clothes are hung on the hanger makes a big difference. If they are hung the wrong way, are falling off the hanger, or the tag is in the wrong place, those items will just be skipped.” –Yolanda V.

Your items are being compared to thousands of others, so the way they’re hung, if they’re ironed, etc. can have a huge impact on whether or not a shopper even pauses at your item.

These were all comments about clothing because by and large, that is what is left, but these same principles apply to toys, baby equipment, etc. as well. Pricing, discounting, quality and presentation are what can set your items apart, in a good way OR a bad way, from everyone else’s.




divineconsign • January 26, 2016

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