Consigning 101

Consignor registration is open so it’s time to sign up and get started.  We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you get registered and start entering your items.

  1. Go to our website,
  2. Click on the Register/Login link on the upper left of the page.
  3. Since you’ve never consigned, go to the Never Sold With Us Before section and choose either Plano Set-up User Account or Grapevine Set-up User Account. Each household can sell at one sale per season.
  4. Fill in all of the fields on this page and click on Create Account.
  5. You are now logged into our online bar-coding system. If you get logged out, just go back to the website, click on Register/Login, select the Register/Login link for the sale you’re signed up for and login there.

Things to read before entering your items:

  • Go to our website and click on Consigning. This is the section on our website which has all of the Consignor information. There are tabs off to the right on that page that have the specific information you need for that part of the process (Merchandise Prep, Tagging, Packaging, Drop-off/Pick-up).
    • Merchandise Prep: Here you’ll find out what we accept and what we don’t accept, what our Seasonal Guidelines are for clothing, and more.
    • Tagging: You’ll see the link to our Quick Start Guide. You definitely want to read this when you’re ready to enter your items into the system. It gives you great tips and tricks on how to enter your items the most efficient way. You’ll also read about Pricing your items, why it’s important to discount them and more.
    • Packaging: This section tells you about the supplies you’ll need and how to get your items ready for the sale after you’ve printed your tags.
    • Drop-off/Pick-up: This section gives you all of the details about when to drop-off and pick-up your items, what to bring with you and more.
  • Our Blog.  Here is where we can go into more detail on things such as how to write a unique description for your items, how to make your clothes look their best, the advantages to volunteering during the sale and more. There is even a different blog post explaining each one of the “fields” in the item entering process in the Entering Your Items series of posts. There is also a Search feature (click on the magnifying glass) in the upper right corner where you can input what you’re looking for (i.e. hangers) to find the blog posts about that topic.
  • NEW this Season! Consignor Resource Guide: This is is our brand new (fall 2017) online binder that puts everything consigning in one spot. Within 24 hours of registering, the link will be emailed to you so you’ll have all the info you need within easy reach.
  • Consignor Facebook Page: This is a great resource, exclusively for our registered sellers, where you can ask our seasoned consignors for some specific advice. The link to join is in the same email as the Consignor Resource Guide.

We want to help you be successful so let us know how we can help!

divineconsign • July 25, 2016

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