Consigning – How to Get Started

Is this your first time to consign? Welcome! It can seem overwhelming but it’s pretty easy if you start with these tips.

  1. Start SMALL – The first time around, don’t feel like you have to sell everything at once. You only need 20 items or $50 worth to be eligible to sell with us.
  2. Start BIG – meaning get rid of the big stuff first. Nursery furniture, baby equipment (strollers, exersaucers, pack ‘n plays) and outdoor toys like slides, are more expensive items that will make you more money AND they free up more space in your home.
  3. Use the Consignor Resource Guide – This is a HUGE help when you’re just starting out. It’s an online binder with all of the info you need about consigning in one place. Once you register, you’ll receive an email with the link within 24 hours.
  4. Join the Consignor Facebook group – The link to this group will be found in the same email as the online binder. Just click on the link to get to the group, and click on “Join” so we can approve you. One you’re approved you can search the group for previous discussions or post your own question. Our seasoned consignors or Tina will be quick to give you the advice you need to be successful.

So register and get started today!

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divineconsign • July 24, 2015

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