Do you take?…Part II

Here’s everything you need to know about our season-specific clothing guidelines:

We have two sales a year at each location…a spring/summer sale and a fall/winter sale. Yes, we are in Texas and summer lasts a LONG time and sporadically comes during the winter months, but we just don’t have room for all seasons of clothing at our events. Therefore, we have some seasonal guidelines on what we accept each season.

Accepted for Spring/Summer

  • All short-sleeve and sleeveless shirts
  • Long-sleeve shirts only if lightweight fabric and white or pastel colors (think Easter)
  • Easter-type sweaters
  • All shorts and spring/summer fabric capris
  • All shoes except winter boots/fur-lined shoes
  • Swimsuits
  • Jeans
  • All Pants (no winter fabrics)
  • Dresses/skirts (spring/summer fabrics)

Accepted for Fall/Winter

  • All shirts except sleeveless/cap sleeve
  • All pants
  • Jeans
  • Dresses/skirts (fall/winter fabrics)
  • Capris (dark-colored/winter fabrics only)
  • All shoes except flip flops, sandals, water shoes
  • All coats/jackets
  • Winter accessories (gloves, mittens, etc.)
  • Costumes…they have their own section in the fall

So, create a Spring/Summer bin and a Fall/Winter bin and get to work!


divineconsign • January 21, 2016

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