Do You Take…?

One of the most common questions we’re asked starts with “Do you take…”. Chances are the answer is “yes”. We sell most everything related to kids and maternity. Clothing, toys, baby equipment, books, feeding and diapering items, etc. Here are the 5 things we get asked about most that we say “no” to:

  • Stuffed animals – The only exception to this is if they are battery-operated or a Build-A-Bear. If they’re just a plush toy that doesn’t “do” anything, then no.
  • Bedding – It just doesn’t sell well and takes up A LOT of space. So no comforters, sheets, bumper pads, pillows, etc.
  • Room décor – This is something else that everyone wants to sell but shoppers are super-picky so they don’t buy a lot of it used. We stopped taking this a few years ago to make room for more shoes, which sell GREAT! Lamps, wall hangings, decorations and the like fall into this category as well as gift items.
  • Socks and underwear – We don’t accept any used socks or underwear, but brand new in the original package is fine.
  • Clothes without a manufacturer’s tag – Homemade clothing and clothes where the tag has been cut out fall in this category. Shoppers want to be sure that the size on the tag is actually correct so having the manufacturer’s size tag is a must.

So before you go to the trouble of tagging something that will just go straight into your pile for pick-up, check the full listing here from our website: What We Accept/Don’t Accept.


divineconsign • August 15, 2015

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