Entering Items Series – Description

In this post we’ll address those two long, blank lines in the system where you’re supposed to put a description of your item. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to include and what to leave out but here are a few things to keep in mind when entering your items:

  • Be as specific as possible so that if your tag and item are separated we can match them back together. Sometimes the tape or safety pin comes loose in the hustle and bustle of things and the tag falls off. When we find a tag without an item or an item without a tag, we take them to our Lost Tag area and try to match them up.
  • Always include the brand, color, what pieces are included…basically as many details as possible for clothing. It really increases the chances we can match the tag and item back together if they’re separated.
  • Another reason for a very detailed description is so that the shopper will know exactly what they’re getting. Does something fits smaller than the label? Tell them. Are the top and bottom two different sizes, tell them. Did you put all of the small pieces of a dollhouse in a ziplock inside the house? Tell them. Here are a few examples from our recent Sizing post.
  • For toys, infant equipment and items like that, include the brand, model, color, etc.
  • For books, the description should be the title.
  • Use all lowercase letters. Lowercase letters take up less “space” in the box, and therefore you can fit more on each line.
  • No placeholder tags are allowed. What’s that, you ask? It’s a tag that just says “shirt”, “pants”, “book”, etc. Every tag has to have a unique, specific description.

divineconsign • January 8, 2016

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