Entering Items Series – Pricing

Pricing is considered one of the trickiest parts of consigning. You want that price point in between “on sale” and “garage sale”. As a general rule, we recommend 75% OFF the original price. So for a $40 outfit, you might price it at $10. You can add a dollar or so for a boutique brand from Nordstrom or a little less for a Target or Wal-mart brand. Because there is SO much of it, for items sized newborn-12months, we suggest marking those 80% off retail prices.  Also, keep in mind that our shoppers are super-saavy so they know what clearance prices are at places like Gymboree and Children’s Place so you’ll want to price below those.

The minimum price for all items is $2 so if something isn’t worth $2 it’s best to just leave it at home.

Remember ALL items (clothing, toys, books…everything) priced at OR under $3 have to be marked to be discounted. Check out our post on why marking your items to be discounted and donated is so beneficial to you: Discount/Donate post


divineconsign • December 31, 2015

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