Entering Items Series – Size

One of the choices you’ll have to make when entering your items is selecting which size to put them in. This can be really straight forward…if it’s an 8, choose ‘8’. We only accept clothing items with the original manufacturer’s size tag so that the shopper will know what they’re getting but sometimes selecting a size takes a little more thought:

Item fits like a different size – We’ve all purchased something that says it’s one size but really fits smaller (or larger!). When selling an item like that, select the size from the drop-down menu that the item actually fits like and then include in the description something like “Tag says 8 but fits like a 7”.

Size fits like

Top and bottom are different sizes – In this case, you’ll chose the size from the drop-down menu of one of the items (usually the larger one), then in the description put the shirt on one line with the size for it and the shorts/pants description on the bottom line with the size for it.

Size diff sizes

IMPORTANT: Outfit top and bottom may not be more than 1 size apart.

Item is sized in a range – Often with smaller clothing you’ll see something like ‘3-6 months’ on the manufacturer’s tag. In that case, you can tag it in EITHER size, depending on how you think it fits (i.e. either 3 month OR 6 month).

Size 3-6mo

It’s also helpful after you print your tags to use a highlighter to highlight the “fits like” or size range in the description so the shopper doesn’t miss that.

When you come to drop-off, you will put each item in the size you chose in the drop-down menu so just make sure that is as accurate as possible.


divineconsign • December 29, 2015

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