Entering Items Series – Tips

For our last post in this series we’ll give you some great tips so you can enter your items as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Sort items by gender, then size, then brand, before entering. All of the fields, except price, will remember the last entry, making it easier to enter all one gender, one size or one brand one right after the other.
  • Hit the “Tab” key to go from one field to the other when you’re entering your items so that you won’t have to use the mouse as much.
  • When you log back in you won’t see your list of items under the Enter Items tab. Just click on Manage Inventory and you’ll see them there.
  • To edit everything EXCEPT the Discount and Donate fields, check-mark the item you want to edit and click on the Edit Item button and make the changes there.
  • To edit the Discount or Donate status of an item, check-mark it and click on the button that makes the change you want (i.e. Mark Donate)
  • Sort a column by clicking on the arrows at the top of a column. If you always put the brand in the first description box, this is an easy way to find each item.
  • You can edit multiple items at once. For example, if you realize you forgot to let all of your $3 and under items be discounted (a requirement), just sort on the price column, check-mark all of the items you need to change and then click on the Mark Discounted button. So easy!

For more tips on entering your items, read our Quick Start Guide, which you can access from our Register/Login page.

divineconsign • January 15, 2016

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