Entering Your Items Series – Categories

When entering your items for the sale, there are 4 “fields” you have to fill in: price, size, description and category. We’ve recently streamlined our category list to make entering items even faster so here’s a quick tutorial on choosing the right category for each item.

Clothing: The Clothing category is the most important one to select correctly since we plan our rack layout based on the number of items in each of those sections. All children’s clothing will fall under either Boys Clothing or Girls Clothing. Please make sure you always select one of those categories so we’re sure to have space set aside for YOUR items. In the fall, we also have a Costume category since we pull them out on their own racks so any costume or dress-up item will go there. There are also separate boy and girl accessories categories and separate categories for Maternity clothing.

Infant equipment: This is our favorite catch-all. This includes everything from strollers and potty chairs to diaper bags and spoons. When in doubt, choose Baby Equipment!

Shoes – Again make sure and choose Boys Shoes or Girls shoes for the category. Also be sure to choose the correct size so the shopper knows exactly what they’re getting.

Book or DVD – Choose one of these for any  media-type items that you have.

Furniture – In this category you’ll include cribs, changing tables, rockers, bassinets, etc.

Toy – All indoor and outdoor toys, except puzzles and games, which have their own categories, will be included here. Everything from rattles and Barbies to Legos and Tonka trucks will go here. This will also include all outdoor toys like slides and sandboxes.

Miscellaneous – If your item doesn’t fit any of the other categories just choose this!

TIP: When you get to the Category field, just type the first letter for the category you want, to quickly get to it, without having to scroll up or down (i.e. type “t” to get to “Toy”)…yay!!

divineconsign • December 16, 2015

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