Go Big with Baby Equipment

When you’re ready to dive into consigning, a great place to start is with the baby equipment you no longer use. You know…that double stroller that is taking up all of the space in your garage, the high chair in the attic, the exersaucer you keep tripping over in the study. Selling these items is an easy way to get a taste of how selling at a consignment sale can benefit your family. Here are some things to remember when preparing these items to sell:

  • Clean, clean, clean. Vacuum out the crumbs, wipe down all surfaces, get the dirt off the stroller wheels.
  • If it needs batteries, put in new ones. Items that require batteries won’t make it through the front door if they don’t work.
  • Include the original manual or print it off the internet. Bonuses like this will help your item stand out.
  • Check for recalls. It is illegal to sell anything that has been recalled so check this early. Often the item only needs an extra strap or something that you can order from the manufacturer for free. Order it, install it and then you’re clear to sell it!
  • Make sure all of the parts are included. A zip-tie is a great way to attach those extra pieces to the item so everything stays secure.
  • Don’t overcharge. Your item will be next to all of the similar items so be reasonable in your asking price. Our suggestion is about 75% OFF the retail price. Our shoppers are smart…they know a great deal when they see it.
  • Assemble it at the sale. A pack ‘n play in a box won’t sell. The shopper wants to see it set up so they know it’s in great shape and has all of the pieces.

Selling baby equipment is a great way to dip your toe into consigning. You get to see how the process works, make space in your home and make some extra money for your family.

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divineconsign • July 29, 2015

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