Hauling my haul

Haul is a weird word.  It can be used as a noun or verb and the more you say it, the more you think you made it up.  If you’ve ever shopped Divine Consign, then you’ve walked out with a “haul”.  And you have probably wondered if there is a best way to “haul” your “haul” home.  See what I mean.  It’s in the dictionary.  I didn’t make it up.

We had a question posed to us, asking about the cute little shopping carts you might see other shoppers bringing in with them.  I’m going to get to those in a minute, but first let me tell you a few ways to shop without spending any more money.  Because that’s really the #1 goal at Divine Consign, right?

Shopping image w pink bags

We have these cute, BIG, roomy hot pink DC bags that you can shop with for free!  You’ve probably noticed we love this color!  Throw it over your shoulder and go to work!  When it is full, you have two options:  1.  Take it to checkout, pay, and take your first “haul” to your car, come back in, grab a new bag and keep shopping.  or 2.  Take it to Small Hold, get your claim number, grab another free pink bag, and keep shopping. When you are finished shopping, you can go get your “haul”, go to checkout, pay, and skip to your car. (By the way, we love these girls in pink too, but we told you about them in the last blog.)

Those are your freebie solutions for shopping.  Using the bags won’t cost you a penny.  IF you decide you LOVE our hot pink bags, then you can take your “haul” home in it for only $1/bag.  Then you can haul all kinds of haul in it during the off-season and people will say, “Where did you get that awesome hot pink bag?” and you’ll tell them, and well, we love that very much!  (Of course, you can also bring in any shopping bag that you have at home.  That’s a freebie solution too.)

cart 2

Now, back to the original question.  Where do shoppers get the 4 wheeled shopping carts?  (This one would be MUCH cuter if it were hot pink, but it will do.)  These carts are everywhere now.  I first saw them years ago, in Canton at First Monday Trade Days, and I think a lot of people call them “Canton Carts” for that reason.  But really you can find them anywhere.  Walmart, Target, online (just google “shopping carts”), Amazon, Wayfair.  Prices range from $25-55.  This one is from organizeit.com for $52.99.  You’ll get what you pay for.  Better wheels provide a smoother ride.  Some wheels swivel, some are fixed.  We think the carts are a better solution than using a stroller to shop with because they don’t take up nearly as much space.  There’s nothing worse than trying to shop for clothes and you can’t get to the next section because there is a long stroller in your way.  (Oooh!  Maybe we should blog on shopper etiquette!)

The only thing we absolutely won’t allow is shopping with a rolling rack.  For the reason mentioned two sentences above.  Too awful!

Shopping should be fun!  It shouldn’t be hard to haul your haul.

divineconsign • April 14, 2016

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