How Do I Shop First?

Did you come to the sale last season and saw people leaving with things you wanted? How did they get in earlier than you? They VOLUNTEERED! By working just 4 or 5 hours during the sale, volunteers get to shop our Presale, the day BEFORE we open to the public. They shop first…before the first time moms and even before our consignors and their guests!

What do volunteers do?

  • Run a scanner, cash register or credit card machine
  • Work the “Hold” area
  • Check receipts at the door
  • Help customers put large items on hold
  • Put discarded items back on the racks
  • Organize merchandise on the tables
  • Check the merchandise for quality

These are just some of the jobs our volunteers do. We could not run the sale without them! Are you convinced yet?

Check out the Grapevine Volunteer Page or the Plano Volunteer page for more details on how to sign-up.

Do you have a friend you want to shop with? Get her to sign up to volunteer too so you can both shop early!

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divineconsign • August 10, 2015

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