How to get YOUR Clothing Noticed

At our Plano Divine Consign sale, we’ll likely have about 60,000 clothing items. With that much competition, how do you get YOUR items to stand out? It’s all in the presentation.

  1. Make sure your hanger is turned the right way, like a question mark.
  2. Make sure your tag is safety pinned to the upper right corner of the garment.
  3. Hang the clothing carefully, being sure to safety pin it on the hanger in such a way it won’t fall off or slide around.
  4. For an outfit, hang the shirt on the hanger and pin the pants to the back of the shirt, making sure the safety pin catches the hanger. Outfit hanging example
  5. Iron your clothes…I know that sounds crazy but if the shirt next to yours is ironed and yours is wrinkled, guess which one they’ll pick up? How To Get That Wrinkle-Free Look
  6. Button all of the buttons and zip up the zippers.
  7. NO STAINS! Anything with even the slightest stain will be pulled by our amazing workers so don’t waste a hanger, safety pins and your time on it.

Taking the time to make sure your clothes look great on the hanger will be worth it when you don’t have anything left to pick up and you get your check in the mail!

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divineconsign • August 17, 2015

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