How to put an extra $90 in your pocket!

Discount and Donate – These are terms you might hear us mention quite a bit but you might wonder, what do they mean and why do they want me to do it? Here are a couple of explanations for you and some reasons why we think it’s so important.

Discounting – If you check the box to have your items discounted, that means they will go half-price during our discount hours. In Grapevine that’s on Sunday night and in Plano it happens on Monday night. When you print your tags, they will say “Discount: NO” if you didn’t check the box or “Discount: YES” if you did, in the upper right corner.

Donate – If you check the donate box, you’re saying if your item doesn’t sell you will give it to our charity. That also allows it to go 75% off on the last morning we’re open to the public. Items marked to be donated will have an “X” in the bottom right corner of the tag when you print.

So now you might ask, “If people are already getting a good deal, why should I allow my items to be discounted and donated? 80% of our half-price shoppers have already shopped either presale or our first day open to the public. They come back a second time for even better deals, ready to buy A LOT! Most things that say “Discount:NO” will be bypassed at this point. Our data shows that items are 20% more likely to sell if they’re marked to go half-price.  An even more compelling statistic is that the average consignor gets $90 MORE in their check if they check the discount box than the person who doesn’t discount. I could use $90, what about you?
We started our 75% off sale because we wanted to give the items marked to be donated one more chance to sell. What we didn’t realize is how many people would come back for the THIRD time just to get those great bargains. You wouldn’t believe the amount of clothing that is purchased that day!
There are so many people who THINK they’re going to come back for pick up and they don’t. Either they just don’t have time or more likely, their pile just isn’t worth the time and gas money to come back. Because they didn’t mark their items to be donated from the start, they missed out on more sales on the last day, so their check isn’t as much as it could have been. We won’t even mention the number of husbands that are sent to pick up their wife’s items and they say to us on the way out, “She sent me back for this?” Donating is good for your marriage, too!
Lastly, your donated items go to Soul Winners for Christ. They are an AMAZING group in downtown Dallas that gives away everything that is donated to families who are struggling to make ends meet, who are the victims of domestic violence, who find themselves homeless for a time or are just trying to get back on their feet. Their motto is “It’s a blessing to be a blessing” and it DEFINITELY is!

There are SO many advantages to discounting and donating your items so check those boxes, give your items the best chance to sell and make more money!

divineconsign • September 16, 2015

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