I’ve Entered My Items…Now What?

Way to go! You got everything entered so you’re ready to tag and get your items ready for drop-off. Here are some of the supplies you’ll need to get your items ready to consign:

  • Cardstock – You can print your tags on any printer except a home laser printer. The ink chips off of the tag from those. You’ll need WHITE 60, 65, 67 or 110lb. cardstock. You can get it easily at any office supply store. Alternatively, the BEST and EASIEST way to print your tags, is to have it done somewhere like Office Max. You don’t have to worry about the weight of the cardstock that way and their printers work great. It’s fairly inexpensive and the bar-codes always come out straight and neat. They’ll even cut them for you for a small charge! If you’re part of the Consignor Facebook group, I have a whole post in there with the step-by-step of uploading them to Office Max. Just search “printing tips”.
  • Hangers – Any kind of hanger will do but wire hangers are the best. It’s easiest to get safety pins around them so your clothing stays looking nice on the hanger. For infant and toddler clothing, child-sized hangers work well. Unfortunately, there’s a hanger shortage (like everything else, right??) so our normal suppliers don’t have any or are so short on them they’ll only sell to a business. I have them in Flower Mound, 60/$10 and Little Elm for the same price so just reply to one of my emails to set up a time to pick them up. But again, you’re welcome to use any kind, except the pants hangers with clips.
  • Tape – Packing tape (for attaching baggies with small parts to a larger item) and Painter’s tape (great for books) are the kinds you’ll use the most often.
  • Safety pins – You’ll need a lot of these for pinning tags onto clothing and attaching clothing to the hanger so it doesn’t slide off.  You need the #2 size for pinning tags on clothing and attaching the tops of shirts to the hanger that may slip off and the #3 size for attaching pants to a hanger.
  • Plastic wrap – This is GREAT for wrapping around those wooden and cardboard puzzles so the pieces stay in place. See our Puzzles and Games post.
  • Zip-ties – These are a consignor’s best friend! You can use them to attach a tag to shoes or a baggie with small parts to a larger item. They’re also great for keeping large parts attached to each other so that they don’t get separated.

So, make a run to the store for a few supplies and get to tagging!


divineconsign • August 21, 2015

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