Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

When you’re prepping your items for the sale, you have to keep in mind that they will be compared to all of the others as shoppers decide what to purchase. You can go a long way in helping YOUR items stand out by taking the time to make them look nice.

  • Take time to pin your clothes on carefully so they don’t slip off the hanger or down the of the hanger. 
  • For an outfit, pin the pants to the back of the shirt through the hanger. Don’t put it under the shirt where the shopper can’t see it.

This same principle applies to other items too. The high chair with stains and crumbs in the seat is either going to be pulled by our workers or left alone by the shopper. A vacuum and a Clorox wipe make all the difference. Here are a few other tips:

  • Take the time to wash, iron and pin your clothes correctly on the hanger.
  • Found a stain?  If you can’t get it out, leave that item at home. Clothing with even the smallest stain will be pulled from the sales floor so it’s not worth your time to enter it, hang it and drop it off.
  • Clorox wipes and Magic Erasers are your friend. A little “elbow grease” goes a long way to making your baby equipment stand out.
  • Make sure the soles of shoes are free from dirt and the shoes are securely zip-tied together.
  • Put small pieces of a larger toy in a ziplock and secure it to the toy. Tape the ziplock shut as well.
  • Wrap wood puzzles in Saran Wrap before you tape the tag to them so the picture isn’t ruined when the tape is pulled off.
  • Include working batteries in all battery-operated items or they will be pulled from the sales floor.

Taking the time to present your items well will make them stand out and put more money in your wallet!

divineconsign • February 9, 2016

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