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If you take the time to prepare them and package them well, children’s games and puzzles are great sellers at Divine Consign. Here are some tips to consigning them so the buyer goes home happy:


  • Count the pieces to make sure they’re all there…yes, ALL of them. It’s time consuming but everything you consign must include all of the pieces. Wouldn’t your kids be so disappointed if they started a puzzle only to find it was missing pieces?
  • If it came in a box, put the puzzle in the box and tape it shut. This keeps little hands from opening the box at the sale. Be careful that the tape won’t ruin the picture of the puzzle when the shopper removes it.
  • If the puzzle pieces are loose like in a wooden puzzle, put the puzzle together and then wrap it in plastic wrap like this picture shows. Then tape the wrap together in the back. That keeps the pieces together and the puzzle isn’t ruined by tape!


  • Include the directions to the game. Can’t find them? No problem! Most games have instructions online that you can print off. All I had to do is Google “Chutes and Ladders Instructions” to find this:
    Chutes and Ladders Instructions
  • Again, check for all of the pieces. If you’re not sure what all it’s supposed to have, just look at the instruction sheet. In the Chutes and Ladders example, it tells you exactly what the Contents of the game are so you know what you’re looking for.
  • Lastly, tape it shut. But make sure you use painter’s tape or something that won’t damage the box when it’s opened.One last hint…use your older kids to help you get puzzles and games ready to sell. Teach them how to compare the pieces with the contents list or have them put a puzzle together so you know all of the pieces are there. This will help them get involved in the consignment process.

divineconsign • July 29, 2015

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