Q&A: How do I get that “wrinkle free” look?

I wish that I had a better answer for this blog, but if you want “wrinkle free” (and you do) then you need to heat up that iron.  Yes, you can do a google search for ironing substitutes.  You can buy wrinkle free sprays on the laundry aisle at Walmart.  But there really isn’t a better way than that good ‘ole iron and ironing board.  And you’ll only waste precious time (and time is precious) in your online search.  So, let’s just tackle this and get it over with, ok?

Now, there are some great ideas out there for KEEPING your freshly ironed clothes wrinkle free. After you’ve spent time ironing, don’t waste your efforts by stacking your clothes on top of each other, if you can avoid it.   Find a place they can hang until it’s time to travel to Divine Consign.

  • a spare closet (just don’t forget they are there…it happens)
  • buy a collapsible rolling rack (a good one will cost between $35-55 dollars.  Check online or stores like the Container Store.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in one sooner.  So many uses!
  • get creative…two ladders and a shovel….or this VERY CREATIVE idea:BryceThis screams “I’m all in!”  (And they are!  Great husband and wife team, consigning and volunteering together.)

And yes, ironing feels like a 1950’s thing to do.  So, do it up right.  Put on your pearls, pop in a tv dinner, and get to work!

iron 2


divineconsign • May 26, 2016

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