Q&A: How do I know which items go under what categories?

I’m a rule follower, probably to an extreme. Anyone who knows me can testify that I like to color inside the lines…I don’t do well without specific parameters in which to operate. Apparently many of our consignors are that way to. When we streamlined our categories last season to make item entering easier, it stressed my fellow rule followers out to not have more specific guidelines about which category to enter each item. I totally get it! I would be the same way.

Choosing the right category can help in a few ways. First of all, we use the categories, especially Clothing, to plan our floor/rack space. Our previous categories post speaks to that. Also, the category can help the volunteers who are putting discards back, know the area the consignor thought would be best for shopping that item. The last reason is one you probably aren’t even aware of. When an item loses its tag, we do our best to try to either find that tag or figure out which consignor is selling it so we can print a new tag for it. Last season we addressed the importance of writing a unique and specific description for the item but choosing the right category can also help. We have the ability to search our database for the item so having the correct category really helps in the effort of finding that specific item so we can reprint the tag and get it back on the sales floor as quickly as possible.

So, you’ll see when you register to consign next season that we have a few more choices but in addition to choices, we’ve provided a chart below with specific items under each category. NOTE: The category “Media” is being added at a future date to encompass the items listed under it. Until MyCM is able to do that, they are listed separately.

Did we miss something? Email us at divineconsign@hotmail.com and we’ll add it to the list!

Clothing Baby equipment Furniture Media Toys Misc
Boys Clothes Activity seats/mats Bassinet Books Infant Accessories- Hats, bows, etc.
Girls Clothes Baby carrier Changing table DVDs Toddler Backpack
Boys Boutique Baby carrier Crib CDs Unisex Sleeping bag
Girls Boutique Bathing equipment Mattress Educational Ride-on
Shoes Car seat Storage Outdoor
Costume Booster seat Bed Craft
Maternity-S Bouncy seat Game
Maternity-M Diapers Puzzle
Maternity-L Exersaucer Bike
Maternity-XL Gate Sports equipment
Junior -S Feeding Electronics
Junior – M Diapering
Junior – L High Chair
Junior -XL Pack n play
Potty chair
Health and Safety
Shopping cart cover
Sleep Sac
Diaper Bag

divineconsign • April 28, 2016

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