Q&A: Where do I get hangers?

Clothing is very important to the consigning business.  Over 65% of everything dropped off is clothing.    And all clothing has to be hung.  So a popular question is “Where Do I Get Hangers?”

Although we allow you to use any hanger, there are some reasons why we prefer child-sized wire hangers:

They’re the right size for infant and toddler clothing. Putting a 2T shirt on an adult hanger just stretches it out and the shopper will skip right by it.

Clothes stay on them. Clothing easily slips off of plastic hangers. Then what happens? It ends up on the floor. No one is shopping the items on the floor. We pick them up as soon as we can but in the meantime, you’re losing the chance at a sale.

They don’t break. Plastic hangers break easily, so again, the clothes end up on the floor or multiple pieces of an outfit end up separated…a piece on a broken hanger, a piece on the floor.

Better presentation. Because wire hangers are thinner than a plastic tube hanger, you can easily secure pants, shirts, etc. to them with safety pins to insure the clothes hang nicely. When your item is being compared with thousands of others, presentation matters.

You’re convinced? Great! But your next question is where to buy them. It’s very hard to find them in the stores anymore. Sometimes you can get the vinyl-coated ones, which are definitely better than plastic but don’t slide along the racks as well. Our suggestion is to buy them from a hanger supplier. You can get them online, but the shipping is almost as much as the hangers. Very convenient, though!

We think your best option is to get them from a supplier here in Dallas. We use Fabriclean.  A couple of things to keep in mind…they only sell them in boxes of 500. That sounds like A LOT, but over time you WILL use them and you’ll have them in between seasons so outgrown clothing can go straight on a wire hanger! Some people go in with a friend or two and split them up, so that’s a great option as well. (Use our Consignor Facebook page to find someone to split a box with.) They are located on Mockingbird, which isn’t close for some of you, but it’s a great excuse to eat lunch downtown with your girlfriends! Again, you’re making this trip once every few seasons since you’re getting so many, so it’s not bad at all.

Here are the details: Call ahead to make sure they have them in stock and check on the price. Ask for 13” juvenile, wire hangers. Price and availability fluctuates so don’t wait until the last minute. A great bonus is they also sell safety pins in bulk for a GREAT price!

Fabriclean, 8301 Ambassador Row, Dallas, 214-826-4161

divineconsign • May 12, 2016

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