Why Divine Consign over other options?

Today, we have many ways to recycle our kids used things.  Divine Consign, other similar sales and consignment stores, Marketplace,  Buy/Sell/Trade groups, Craigslist, garage sales…endless possibilities.  But which is best?  Here’s some food for thought…

Time:  Precious.  Flying.  Never enough.

Divine Consign – Your time will be spent prepping, entering, and tagging the items you will consign.  Once you’ve done those things it’s just a matter of dropping your items off, and then we do the rest.  You sit back and wait for your check to arrive within a couple of days of the end of the sale.  Did you know?  At the end of a sale, most consignors don’t come back for pick-up because they’ve either marked everything that’s left to be donated OR they realize it isn’t worth their time to make the drive to pick up what little they have left.

Marketplace, Buy/Sell/Trade groups – You’ll need to spend time researching the “rules” of selling.  And each online group is different so now you’re having to remember which group has which rules.  Some will limit how many items you can sell, others limit how many times you can post.  Posting is only the beginning.  You are responsible for all the communication, possible haggling and the follow-up that occurs with potential buyers not to mention the worry about having strangers come to your house…and then not show up. Is this worth your time?

Pay:  show me the money

Divine Consign – ALL consignors are paid 70% of their sales and we deduct a consignor fee based on the number of items you enter before sending out your check.  We’d love for you to work a shift to help sell your items but it’s not required to get the highest payout. You don’t pay your consignor fee unless you drop-off so you’re not out anything if something happens and you can’t participate.  

Our consignors set their prices and decide whether or not to let their items be discounted.  The sweet spot for setting a price is generally 75% OFF retail.  Haggling is not allowed.

Marketplace, Buy/Sell/Trade Groups, Garage sales – There are no registration fees and little to no expenses, so sellers take home all the money made from their sales.  Haggling over price is allowed, so you might not get your full asking price or risk losing the sale. Then you have to keep up with who bought what, when each person is picking up, etc. which takes so much time and time is money.

Traffic:  build it and they will come

Divine Consign –  Sometimes we feel like Divine Consign really is the “Field of Dreams” so I don’t mind using the “build it and they will come” quote.  We have so many wonderful, focused, savvy shoppers. Since we are the longest-running pop-up consignment shop, we have thousands of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, kids, teachers, daycare owners, and church staff come to us for gently-used, quality children’s merchandise.  They come looking for great bargains with great value.  You won’t get that kind of traffic on a Facebook sale, in your own garage or any other online method. And definitely not in the time span of three days.

We think Divine Consign is the best choice but don’t take our word for it.  Try us out!

Registration to sell at either our Grapevine or Plano events begins July 1st for the fall sales and December 1st for our spring sales. Join our email list from the bottom of any page of website, divineconsign.net and follow us Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out!


divineconsign • April 25, 2016

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