What Is Consigning?

We’re SO glad you’re interested in consigning with us this coming season! If consigning is brand new to you, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on the terms we use and what it means to consign.

To consign means to bring your gently-used items to someone else to sell for a percentage of the selling price.

What do you get when you sell at Divine Consign?

  • 70% of your sales, less a fee based on the number of items you enter into our system, starting at $10.
  • You get to shop at our presale, the day before we open to the public and get a pass for a friend to shop that day too.
  • ONE place to sell all of your items over 3 days without haggling, meet-ups with strangers or learning the posting rules of online groups
  • MORE space in your home!

Here are some terms you need to know:

Registration – sign up in our online bar-coding system so you can enter your items

Enter your items – you’ll input your items (we accept most children’s items!) one at a time with the price, size, and description and decide whether to discount and donate them

Discount – if you choose this, your items will go 1/2 price during our 50% off hours

Donate – if you choose this, your unsold items will be given to our charity, Soul Winners for Christ at the end of the sale. Also items marked to be donated will go 75% off on our last day.

Tags – You will generate these in a PDF and print them, then attach them to your items after you’d entered everything.

Drop-off – Friday of sale week when you’ll bring your items to the convention center all prepped (clothing hung, items cleaned and tagged, everything else cleaned and in working order) and ready to go. Your items will be inspected by our AMAZING workers (more on that later!)

Pick-up – The last day of the sale when you will get your unsold items returned to you if you have not marked them to be donated.

Presale – the day before we open to the public where workers, consignors, registered first time moms and registered heroes (teachers, 1st responders and military members) shop. Pre-registration and ticket required for entry. No kids are admitted to our presales.

Open to the Public – these are the hours anyone can come (no ticket, no registration!).

Interested? We’d love to have you join us this season! Make sure and sign up for our Early Access Text Alerts so can register early!

divineconsign • April 27, 2021

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