Q&A: Who are those awesome people in pink?

If you’ve attended a Divine Consign Presale, then you’ve come face to face with a Pink Lady.  We couldn’t run a Presale without these girls (and guys) and we wouldn’t want to.  We call them our STAFF.  They are some of the sweetest and hardest working women and men we know.  Here’s what being on Staff looks like.

Years ago we realized the value of having a trained and dedicated group of volunteers who would commit to working every Presale, every season.  Presale is a busy day for us, and with it being the first day of the sale, and the biggest day of the sale week, there are always hiccups that might pop up needing our attention.  To have a team of volunteers, who know what to do without much instruction from us, frees us up to focus on other things if they arise or to just enjoy the Presale if they don’t.  That is why you see the same faces every season, and often in both locations.  It is by design.

One of the reasons these savvy women and men have such awesome sale skills is because they were regular volunteers before becoming part of our staff.  One of the requirements for joining our staff is that you have worked at least 4 seasons as a volunteer.  This gives us a chance to get to know you and lets us evaluate how you might fit into our staff needs.  Being the face of Divine Consign is something we take seriously. 

And being on staff isn’t an easy commitment to make.  Presale is a LONG day!  The longest volunteer shift we offer is 5 hours long.  Our Staff works 7+ busy hours, on their feet, smiling and helping shoppers.  They aren’t paid but get to shop before everyone else in the hours before Presale begins.  We share a quick lunch together, give any updates or news, pray for a great sale, and then it is time to get in places in anticipation of the BEST CONSIGNMENT SALE IN THE METROPLEX!

How do I apply?  From time to time we do have the need to add to our staff.  For anyone interested, email us at divineconsign@hotmail.com and we will send you an application.  We don’t always have a spot for everyone who applies.  And committing each season to Divine Consign isn’t for everyone.  But we are so thankful and feel so blessed to have the team we do.  Let’s do the Pink Lady Shuffle really soon!

This blog dedicated to anyone who has worn a pink Divine Consign shirt.  We think so highly of you and are continually blown away by how much you love this sale and our families.  Thank you!


divineconsign • April 7, 2016

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